SheerID/VerifyPass Student Verification even for alumni

They have temporarily put an all for one price for the service so take advantage of this fast. This service will have you saving thousands of dollars on discounts including those that require extra verification beyond an edu to qualify,your standard email will suffice e.g outlook,gmail so long as you can prove your alumni status with them. See why this is better than the typical edu email

Due diligence is done including for those hard to get discounts you used to enjoy.So long as SheerID can prove your alumni status you are good to go e.g for AVID,lumion,Autodesk,Maxon,Spotify,Hulu,Tidal,Discovery+,NFL Sunday Ticket with NFL+,Youtube Premium,SPSS,Tableau etc..the discounts are inexhaustable.Basically sheerID is the gold standard for student discounts.

How To Order:

a .On the Order page,click on purchase and select 1

b. Click on preferred payment method e.g Stripe.

c. Enter your email for communication on the details of your alumni status.

d. Click on the next arrow that looks like this to proceed with your order.

NOTE:We work really hard to find discounts and methods to help you save.Any gift amount is highly appreciated.The Paypal email is